Romain Hostal

FTDUAE Hub Director


Founder & Creative Director at Digital Creative Co-op

Timothée Désormeaux

Head of Institutional Relations


Associate Director at Effilab Middle East

Expertise in data analysis applied to advertising

Edouard Daou

Head of Corporate Relations


Middle-East and Africa Regional Manager at Ekimetrics Dubai

 Laetitia Tissot

Head of Startup & Entrepreneur Relations


Entrepreneur - Marketing & Event Management Consultant

Sébastien Bacuet

Member of the core and operative team

CEO & Founder – Moving Digital Agency

Tom Crépin

Member of the core and operative team

Regional Manager Middle East Daxium

Sébastien Marteau

Member of the core and operative team

CEO & Founder at Iconiction

Hervé Collignon

Member of the core and operative team

CEO & Founder at HOOKS Strategy & Innovation

Christelle Peyran

Regional Head of Tech & Services Department at Business France

Hakim Lhamri

Regional Trade Advisor Tech & Services department at Business France Dubai

Miryem Oukas-Messidi

Head of Communications & Public Relations at Business France Dubai

Valérie Allard-Latour

Business Development Manager chez French Business Council of Dubai and Northern Emirates

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